Food Photography and Styling

I specialise in creating mouth-watering food photography and styling, crafting compelling blog posts, articles, and captivating social media content. All of these are aimed at telling your story – beautifully.

As a passionate gastronome and lover of good food, my enthusiasm for the culinary world runs deep. I engage in lively discussions and immerse myself in readings throughout my days. Following these, I write down thoughts and ideas about delectable cuisines and ambrosial drinks.

Being a dedicated food-focused content creator, I’ve forged strong connections with influencers, writers, and key players in the food, cocktail, and wine industry. I can seamlessly integrate fresh perspectives into my work by remaining up-to-date with the latest culinary innovators. Moreover, I have my finger on the pulse. I can identify trends currently in the spotlight and those on the verge of taking the culinary world by storm.

With a decade of experience in food writing and managing social media accounts, coupled with holding WSET Level 2 and 3 Awards in Wine, I bring a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise to each project I take on.

In addition to my food photography proficiency, my skillset encompasses food editing, writing, and idea generation. Consequently, I possess an acute understanding of what captivates audiences, enabling me to craft engaging copy and create visually stunning content. Furthermore, I excel at composing optimised content tailored for diverse social media platforms and websites.

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I am readily available to assist you if you are searching for someone to elevate your social media and digital strategy while generating outstanding content. Don’t hesitate to contact me; let’s initiate a conversation, acquaint ourselves, and explore whether my services perfectly align with your requirements.

I am genuinely looking forward to hearing from you and, hopefully, having the opportunity to collaborate with you to portray your unique story through the lens of food photography and captivating content. With my expertise and enthusiasm, your brand will undoubtedly shine in the ever-evolving culinary landscape.

Examples of Food Photography and Styling shot by Melanie May

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