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Do you want to work with Melanie May, Travel Journalist and Food and Wine Writer?

Hey there, hungry wanderers and adventurous foodies! If you’ve made it this far, you’re ready to take the next step and connect with the culinary and travel extravaganza that is Travel Eat Write Repeat. So, without further ado, let’s get this partnership party started!

But first, a quick introduction. I’m Melanie May, your trusty travel journalist with an insatiable appetite for scrumptious experiences. Whether exploring the local street food scene in bustling cities or indulging in exquisite fine dining delights in hidden gems, my mission is to unearth the most mouthwatering stories and share them with fellow travel and food enthusiasts like you.

Melanie May Content Creator on a cliff by the sea in Ireland

Now, let’s talk business

If you’re a fellow food lover, travel aficionado, brand, or publication looking to collaborate, you’re in the right place! I’m open to exciting opportunities that allow me to combine my passion for storytelling, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring destinations. So, let’s join forces and create something truly drool-worthy together!

But wait, there’s more! Collaboration isn’t just about serious business – it’s about having fun along the way.

What you can expect when working with me:

A Dash of Humour: Life’s too short to be serious all the time, especially when it comes to food and travel. Prepare yourself for a sprinkle of wit and humour in every story I write. After all, laughter is the best seasoning!

SEO Goodness: Ah, the mysterious world of search engine optimisation. Fear not, my friend! I’m well-versed in the art of keywords and metadata. With my SEO superpowers, I’ll ensure our collaboration gets the attention it deserves, reaching hungry readers far and wide.

Vibrant Visuals: A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. Well, get ready for a feast for the eyes! I’ll capture drool-worthy food shots, breathtaking landscapes, and candid moments on my travels, bringing the stories to life in vivid detail.

Relatable Adventures: As a self-proclaimed travel addict and food enthusiast, I understand the importance of relatability. My goal is to transport readers to each destination, allowing them to experience the flavours and cultures through my eyes – and maybe even inspiring a few spontaneous trips!

Prompt Communication: Time is of the essence, and I value efficiency as much as you do. Expect quick responses and clear communication throughout our collaboration. Together, we’ll ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey from concept to completion.

But wait, there’s more…

Unexpected Delights: Just like stumbling upon a hidden gem in a new city, I love surprising my readers with unexpected delights. Whether uncovering a secret food market or sharing a lesser-known travel tip, I’ll sprinkle in those hidden treasures to make your reading experience even more delightful.

Engaging Storytelling: Get ready for captivating narratives transporting you to each destination. From the tantalising aroma of freshly baked pastries to the adrenaline rush of trying out extreme activities, I’ll weave stories that leave you hungry for more adventures.

Insider Tips: As a seasoned traveller, I’ve picked up a trick or two along the way. I’ll share my insider tips and recommendations, helping readers easily navigate their journeys. From must-try dishes to off-the-beaten-path attractions, I’ve got you covered.

Mouthwatering Memories: Food has a special way of creating lasting memories, and I’m here to make sure those memories are delicious. Through my culinary explorations, I’ll guide you to the best eateries, highlighting the flavours that will linger on your taste buds long after you’ve finished reading.

Genuine Passion: My passion for travel and food extends beyond just experiencing and savouring. As a dedicated writer, I take great joy in translating these culinary adventures into captivating stories that transport readers to far-flung corners of the world. Through my words, I aim to evoke the sensations, emotions, and cultural nuances that make each culinary journey unique.

Summer berry pavlova

Contact Melanie May for collaborations

I’m excited to hear from you whether you’re a fellow travel writer, a restaurant owner with a passion for sharing your culinary creations, or a brand seeking to collaborate with a seasoned travel journalist!

💌 Reach out to me through the contact details above. You can also check out my work via the links below. Let’s embark on a journey filled with laughter, incredible flavours, and unforgettable adventures. Together, we’ll create stories that will have readers eagerly waiting for the next instalment of Travel Eat Write Repeat!

Remember, life’s too short for bland experiences. Let’s spice it up together and make every bite and every destination count!

For examples of my travel, food and wine writing and photography, please check out my portfolios:

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Want to know more about what I do?

Have a read of my about me page for some insider info.

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