Berlucchi Wine Franciacorta – Winery Tour

Berlucchi Wine Franciacorta – Guido Berlucchi Winery Tour

Having obtained my WSET Level 3 Award in Wines, there is nothing I love more than visiting vineyards and winerys. Not only is a great way to learn more about wine and see different wine making methods, but vines grow in the world’s most beautiful locations. Sniffing, swirling, sipping wine whilst surrounded by stunning scenery? Sign me up!

Franciacorta is one such place. Located in the Lombardy region of northern Italy in the Provence of Brescia and just off the shores of Lake Iseo, the Franciacorta Wine Area is a hilly haven of vines, castles and rolling countryside. It’s positively picturesque and postcard pretty.

franciacorta wine area

Disclaimer: this was a press trip organised by the Visit Brescia tourist board and Visit Bergamo. I did not have to pay for my activities, accommodation or food. However, this is an honest account of my experience and all opinions expressed are my own.

franciacorta wine region castle

Franciacorta Wine Tours

There are pleny of Franciacorta winerys where you can take a tour and while away the hours taste testing. But, if you want to visit the winery where Franciacorta was first made, book a tour at Guido Berlucchi winery in Borgonato. In 1961 Guido Berlucchi and Franco Ziliani created the first sparkling wine in the area using the Metodo Classico. This is the same “champagne method” or “méthode champenoise” that winemakers in France use to make Champagne. It is for this reason that Franciacorta is called the Italian Chapmagne.

Guido Berlucchi Winery franciacorta

Guido Berlucchi Winery

On a tour of the Guido Berlucchi Winery, you will learn all about the history of the winery and wine region. You’ll also learn about the wine making process. It’s all incredibely fascinating espeically when you go into the seventeenth century underground cellar and see all the wines ‘sleeping’. In the cavernous cellar you’ll also see the first 1961 bottle of Franciacorta wine produced.

Guido Berlucchi Wine cellar franciacorta

Rather than go into all the detail here on how this Italian sparkling wine is made, just click the link to read my comprehensive Franciacorta Wine Guide.

Guido Berlucchi Wine cellar franciacorta

Palazzo Lana Guided Tour

I was also lucky enough to get a guided tour of Palazzo Lana. Guido Berlucchi lived in this sixteenth-century mansion until he died. His predecessors, the noble Lana de ’Terzi family, also lived here. I roamed the elegant lounges and halls and learned about its remarkable history before sitting down at the huge dining table to enjoy a food and wine tasting.

Guido Berlucchi Wine tour

Berlucchi Winery Tasting

The sommiliar poured two different Berlucchi Franciacorta wines and paired them with home-made salami, Grana Padano cheese, and artisanal grissinis. She then gave a guided tasting and helped us pick out the differences between the two wines.

The two wines were Berlucchi 2014 ’61 Nature and Berlucchi ’61 Satèn. To me, both wines tasted elegant with wonderful bricohe, buttey pastry notes from its slow maturation on the lees. I also love how the wines change depending on what food you pair with them. A guided wine tasting is such a fabulous experience and great way to learn about wines.

berlucchi wine franciacorta

The Visit Brescia tourist board organised this private Berlucchi Winery tour, but tours are open to the public and you can just book online.

berlucchi wine franciacorta

Leave room in your suitcase!

Afterwards, I did of course buy a few bottles to take home with me from the Berlucchi Store at the winery. So, if you plan on visiting, I suggest you leave some room in your suitcase for some sparkling wine.

Thanks for reading my Berlucchi Wine Franciacorta guide

Guido Berlucchi Wine tour

So, what did you think of my Berlucchi Wine Franciacorta tour? Have you tried Berlucchi Wine? Is there anything I left out? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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