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Kilmallock travel guide – part of a series of posts from my Munster Vales travel guide.

We drove to Kilmallock from Lough Gur Heritage Centre. It is a scenic 20-minute drive away.

As we entered Kilmallock, Co. Limerick, I immediately recognised the town. I turned to Dave and said “we’ve been here before”. The previous summer we were taking part in the RevUp4 DSI charity motor cycle ride across Ireland. The route took us through Kilmallock. I remember being on the back of the bike and thinking to myself that I have never seen such a pretty town in Ireland. The combination of stone walls, ancient buildings, colourful houses and the rolling, vibrant hills made a lasting impression.

Kilmallock travel guide covers the walking routes and cycling trails around Ballyhoura and the best local food and drink to try in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick.

I was so happy to be back in pretty Kilmallock.

It’s a shame that we didn’t get a chance to stop in Kilmallock last year and this is one of the whole aims of the Munster Vales initiative. It is to encourage people to stop off in towns that most people just pass through on their way to somewhere else.

Munster Vales Ireland Travel Guide. Aerial photograph of Munster Vales and the green fields and local towns. Kilmallock Travel Guide

Kilmallock travel guide – see and do

Kilmallock is a medieval town in South Limerick, quite near to the Cork border. There are large sections of the medieval town wall still standing. In fact, Killmallock is one of the best-preserved medieval walled towns in Ireland.

Kilmallock is an important Norman town and was at the centre of Ireland’s political development from the 13th through to the 17th centuries. Its legacy can also be seen in the merchants houses and many other well-preserved historical sites.

Kilmallock Travel Guide - Klmallock County Limerick Ireland medieval walled town.

If you have a chance to spend some time in Kilmallock, you should book a walk through 1,400 years of history with Kilmallock Medieval Tours. You could also download the free Kilmallock Heritage Trail app and create your own tour. Spend the day strolling around the town discovering the 15th century King’s Castle, the 18th century Fenian Monument, the 12th century Dominican Priory and the Collegiate Church. Walk under the 16th century Blossom Gate and continue on down the wonderfully preserved 19th century Lord Edward Street. There’s also the Kilmallock Workhouse and Famine Memorial Park to explore.

For those looking to get out into the Ballyhoura mountains

Kilmallock Travel Guide - Klmallock County Limerick Ireland mountain biking in the Ballyhoura mountains

Kilmallock is a Cycle Hub town and part of the National Cycle Network. There are loads of cycle trails and mountain bike trails beginning and ending in Kilmallock. Looped cycle routes range from 83km to 16km and can last anywhere from one to five hours. Of course, you can just freestyle it and create your own route. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in the area, the Deebert House Hotel has a drying room and bike storage. Click to read my Deebert House Hotel review.

I can’t cycle, but I do love to walk and there are over 450km of walking trails in Kilmallock

The Ballyhoura looped walks beginning and ending in Kilmallock have routes and activities suitable for all ages and abilities. You can check out the walking trails on the Ballyhoura Country website.

Kilmallock travel guide – food and drink

Kilmallock Travel Guide - Klmallock medieval walled town

Kilmallock is also home to some fantastic food and drink producers

If you read my review of lunch in the Cloisters Restaurant in the Deebert House Hotel in Kilmallock you’ll know about its menu featuring plenty of local food producers.

On of my favourite food producers in the area is the Old Irish Creamery. This is where Effin cheese is made. Effin is the name of the village. The Old Irish Creamery produces handcrafted flavoured cheeses, using traditional production methods. You can have vintage white and red cheddar, smoked cheddar, as well as cheddar spiked with garlic and herbs, or chilli or walnuts or fruits like blueberries and cranberries. It also produces cheddar laced with red wine, Guinness, Jameson whiskey and Murphy’s Irish Stout.

I am a huge fan of this creamy, smooth cheddar and I stock up when I see it on sale.

Deebert House Hotel review - lunch of Effin cheese in The Cloisters Restaurant in the Deebert House Hotel in Kilmallock, County Limerick, Ireland. Effin Cheese and local beer. Kilmallock Travel Guide

Many of the food producers are involved with ‘A Taste of Ballyhoura Country’ the local food brand.

So, if you fancy checking out the local treats and produce available in Kilmallock head to the A Taste of Ballyhoura Country website. You can then come to Killmalock armed with a shopping list to stock up on the best local food and drink. The website will also tell you about the local food markets, cooking events and great restaurants in the area. One such restaurant in Deebert House Hotel (read my review here).

If you adore apples be sure to head to Ballyhoura Apple Farm in Kilmallock for juices, dressings, marmalade, syrups and jellies.

If you like craft beer Kilmallock is home to the micro brewery JJ’s Craft Brewing Company. Stock up on bottles of lager, stout and ales or stop in one of the local pubs and try some of its brews on tap.

There is plenty in Kilmallock to see and do and eat and drink.

Munster Vales Ireland Travel Guide. Photograph of traditional Irish cottage. Kilmallock travel guide.

Whether you are interested in history or hiking or you are just hungry, it’s well worth your while stopping in Kilmallock for a day or two. You won’t regret it.

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Have you been to Kilmallock? What do you love to see and do there? Leave a comment below. I love hearing from you.

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