10 Haunted Places Around Ireland

Embark on a chilling adventure across the most haunted places in Ireland.

Do tales of the supernatural intrigue you? Are you seeking thrills that send shivers down your spine? Embark on an exploration of these 10 haunted locations across Ireland for your dose of eerie encounters. You’ve been duly warned; proceed at your own risk.

Aughrim Battlefield, Co Galway

Between Ballinasloe and Loughrea, the Aughrim Battlefield witnessed one of Irish history’s bloodiest battles in 1691, claiming over 7,000 lives. Today, visitors report ghostly sightings, unexplained touches, and sudden feelings of fear near the notorious “Bloody Hollow.”

Ballygally Castle, Co Antrim

The 17th-century spirit of Lady Isabella Shaw continues to haunt Ballygally Castle, knocking on doors as she roams the corridors. For those daring enough, a night in the Ghost Room might result in a visit from Lady Isabella herself.

Belvelly Castle, Co Cork

Near Fota in East Cork, Belvelly Castle’s ancient walls are said to be haunted by Lady Margaret Hodnett’s ghost. After a betrayal of love, her spirit allegedly polishes the castle walls until they gleam, always surrounded by a dark mist.

Captain Boyd’s Grave, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin

The grave site of Captain Boyd in St Patrick’s Cathedral’s grounds boasts a ghostly guardian – his loyal Newfoundland dog, which died of starvation by his master’s side. The faithful dog’s spirit is often seen watching over his owner’s statue.

Charleville Castle, Co Offaly

The young daughter of the third Earl of Charleville, who tragically died falling down the stairs in 1861, reportedly haunts Charleville Castle. Her singing and skipping echo through the corridors, with her ghost occasionally seen on the staircase.

Yet more haunted places in Ireland

Coolbawn House, Co Wexford

A tragic servant girl’s spirit haunts Coolbawn House, struck and killed by lightning while looking out an upstairs window. The imprint of her body, marked by the lightning strike, remains visible, with her apparition often spotted staring out from the window.

Cork City Gaol, Cork

The spirits of many who endured the harsh conditions of Cork City Gaol in the 19th century linger within its walls. The gaol’s palpable paranormal activity has made it a prime location for the World Ghost Convention.

Leap Castle, Co Offaly

Leap Castle bears the title of Ireland’s most haunted, with its history teeming with spectral residents, including the Elemental, a decaying ghost of an O’Carroll clan member afflicted by leprosy, identifiable by his rotting visage and foul smell.

Loftus Hall, Co Wexford

Loftus Hall’s sinister past, involving a visitation by the devil, contributes to its reputation as Ireland’s most haunted house. The traumatic event led to a young woman’s death in the Tapestry Room, her spirit, among others, still haunting the hall despite exorcisms.

St Katherine’s Abbey, Co Limerick

The restless spirit of the Countess of Desmond, buried alive by mistake, haunts the ruins of St Katherine’s Abbey, her screams of anguish piercing the air. The Black Hag’s Cell, associated with the abbey’s last abbess and her dark arts, adds to the site’s haunted lore.

Daring to visit these haunted locations across Ireland offers a window into the island’s ghostly past. Are you brave enough to confront these spirits?

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